About HHB - "Two birds, one stone."

HHB arose out of a chance to capitalize on duel opportunities:

1. To help a neighbor of mine - a recently divorced, single mother - who had to move in two days time, and no one else to assist. .

2. To help a group of local youth in transition get fresh back-to-school haircuts so they could show up the first day feeling cool & confident!  

The result?

A common sense approach to creating multiple levels of impact socially, economically, and experientially


We partner with our clients to help them save time and energy by fulfilling any labor needs they have in & around their home/business. 

  • Moving Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Lawn Maintainance
  • Leaf & Snow Removal 
  • Any other odd jobs you need done


We work as a team to execute on client projects in an efficient and affordable manner, addressing market needs by leveraging the assets within our community. 


Helping people, having fun, making money: Fun, Fulfillment, Finances

  • Fun - Working as team, having music, setting project goals and being active. 


  • Fulfillment - Helping people with their real needs, and seeing the result of our work in real time provides a tremendous sense of fulfillment on the part of our team. In addition, our clients feel good about their investment in the products and services we offer because of the values and mission of the brand.


  • Finances - Earning & managing money in a way that sets a precedent for self-sufficiency and excellent service.