Daddy Day #1

Today was one of the first days I got to spend alone at home with my son. It started off pretty chill...Gave him a bath, took a shower, cooked breakfast, ate, fed him, put him to sleep, threw a load of laundry in, and then made a list of things to do with the rest of my day :)

One of the tasks on said list was to drive 30 min out of the city to pick up an additional carseat for our other vehicle. I hadn't brought him out by myself yet, and I was anxious to see how that went. 

We set out on our adventure together and went all the way out to Maple Grove. We picked up the carseat, stopped for lunch, and all without any crises or crying. Having him with on the trip added another element to it. Definitely added some excitement. Also, more responsibility. I felt like a parent. I felt empowered. Naturally, I felt the same sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with doing something new for the first time. 

It felt like the next level of manhood. It felt freeing. Empowering. I don't really feel the fear or worries that I had previously felt about my freedom and production being severely limited anytime I had the baby. 

But what's great about being a parent is not JUST having this new human being - a mini-being - in my care and responsibility...but also the realization that I can do all of the above, and still make time to 'do me.' I've still been able to be productive & creative while also caring for my son!

This has given me more confidence that I AM capable. I've been working out more, read more, I'm closer with the wifey, more organized, more productive...on LESS SLEEP! The career is going well, and I'm consistently growing and learning new things. This IS Parent Life! And I love it! My fear of being miserable and held back by parenthood has been faced and realized...and conquered.