Peacefully Pursuing Perfection

Lately I’ve been counting my blessings. A lot. I’m starting to wonder how healthy this is. For instance, I keep saying, “I really have a cool life”….”I live a successful life”….”I can’t really think of any legitimate thing to complain about.”

I am starting to worry that my head is too far up in the clouds. Not to say that I should complain or look for reasons to be negative…I just don’t want to get too comfortable.

I want to maintain this peace of mind and positive attitude, but not become stagnant. I want to continually pursue my true purpose and path in ALL aspects of my life. I want to get better at LIFE…across the board. From finances, to friends, to family I want to continually pursue perfection in all I do. Not to say I need to be a perfect cook, or piano player. I just always want to strive towards perfection – AKA becoming better, wiser, richer, enjoying life more.

We all want this…however, most of us in our quest for happiness, freedom, and peace actually find that we feel more of the opposite – stress, anxiety, depression, road rage, etc.

Peacefully pursue perfection.

Peacefully pursue perfection…How does that actually look? To peacefully pursue perfection, one must first have a framework for how to identify or define ‘perfection’ and ‘peacefully’.

Merriam-Webster defines perfection as: “a quality or condition that cannot be improved; being without faults, mistakes or defects.”

Perfection (to me) is the True nature of something, fully realized and fully utilized. That is, anything that is completely, 100% of the time fulfilling it’s designed purpose.

For example, to be a perfect NBA shooting guard, one would have to make every single shot he put up. The purpose of the shooting guard is to score points and to stop the opposing guard from scoring. If he does this successfully, he is compared with Jordan, Melo, Kobe, Lebron, Curry (Yes, Kobe & Jordan are the only 2 guards but you get my point). Yet none of those great and successful players are a perfect SG according to the above definition of perfection.

However, I’m sure each one of them can testify that to even come close to being that great/successful, they needed to devote their lives to the pursuit of that perfection. It’s the basic formula for achievement.

Peace is a bit harder to put into this context…reason being, most times, we associate peacefulness with passivity or docile-ness. Being static. Lack of movement or progression. It is viewed more of a destination rather than a means of best transport.

The textbook definition for peace (Merriam-Webster) is as follows: “freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions; Calm; Untroubled by conflict, agitation, or commotion.”

(To me) Peace is a way of life. It’s a means to an end…namely perfection. Fulfillment of purpose. One who is at peace is infinitely richer and more successful than the billionaire at war with himself…anxious, fearful, doubting, negative expectations, etc.

Therefore, counting my blessings, appreciating life, and maintaining a positive attitude is nothing to feel bad about. Obviously, it’s something to feel good about. In fact, appreciating life, acknowledging your blessings, living with purpose are the byproducts of being at peace.

To peacefully pursue is to move forward with confidence. To believe. To believe that perfection is a worthy pursuit. A worthy ideal. Peace is knowledge of Truth. The closer we become to the Truth (perfection, enlightenment, transcendence, Buddha-ness), the easier it will be for us to be at peace. If we are consistently pursuing perfection (aka Truth, aka success, aka our designed purpose), then we can be confident that peace will accompany on our path. Be at peace but do not rest. Appreciate life, but make life better.

How can I make life better today?